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A Shot at Normal / Marisa Reichardt / Book Review

A SHOT AT NORMAL Juniper Jade lives what one might call an "alternative" lifestyle. Born to second-wave hippy parents--who went to 1994 Woodstock, not the real-deal back in the day--Juniper lives an organic, radiation-free, and vaccine-free life. Homeschooled with her younger siblings, Juniper can't help but feel like she's missing out on something important: a normal teenage experience. But Juniper doesn't fully understand the consequences of her parents' alternative lifestyle until she gets sick with a preventable disease and ends up passing this disease on to others. When this outbreak of measles has terrible consequences in their small California town, Juniper is horrified. She doesn't want to get sick again--and she definitely doesn't want to get others sick. But no matter how much Juniper argues, her parents aren't swayed. So Juniper makes a difficult choice: go to court to sue her parents for her

You Have a Match / Emma Lord / Book Review

YOU HAVE A MATCH Abby Day doesn't need a DNA test to tell her who she is: a photographer, a friend, and a decidedly less-than-stellar student. But when Abby's best friends purchase a test, she decides to join in. A DNA test can only make the group closer, especially after the Big Embarrassing Incident between Abby and Leo that left the group dynamic a little awkward. Little does Abby know the results will change her world forever: she has a long lost older sister she knew nothing about. Savannah Tully is perfect in ways that Abby isn't: an Instagram influencer, a health guru, and undoubtedly a model student and daughter. The girls decide to meet without telling their parents, trying to piece together the mystery of Savvy's birth and adoption. But with high school graduations, summer school, and college all on the horizon, the girls know their schedules are tight. They decide the best way to get together away from their parent

The Marvelous Mirza Girls / Sheba Karim / Book Review

THE MARVELOUS MIRZA GIRLS Ever since the death of her aunt, Noreen Mirza has felt tetherless. She can't focus on graduation. She can't focus on college. Worst of all, she can't write. When Noreen's mother Ruby gets offered a temporary position in New Delhi, the girls jump on the offer. A gap-year away from routine and grief may be just what Noreen and Ruby need--and it will allow them to fulfill Sonia Khala's dream of visiting Delhi, too. In a vibrant and vibrantly-polluted city, Noreen meets a young and handsome artist named Kabir, who shows her the charm and magic of this ancient, complicated place. With Kabir's help, Noreen begins to see the joy in life again. She starts to find her voice. But when a family scandal erupts, Noreen and Kabir find their new relationship on rocky footing. What does it mean to love someone? What might happen if love vanishes? PROS Gilmore Girls

Happily Ever Afters / Elise Bryant / Book Review

HAPPIY EVER AFTERS For sixteen-year-old Tessa, attending Chrysalis Academy is her dream. An aspiring romance writer, Tessa can't wait to be surrounded by other artists all day, every day. But Tessa has never shared her work before--with anyone but her best friend, that is--and though Chrysalis accepted her to the creative writing program, it was her mother who sent in her portfolio, not Tessa herself. When Tessa realizes one of the requirements for her classwork will be sharing her work, she finds herself overcome with nerves, and suddenly, for the first time in her life, Tessa finds herself without words--completely and totally unable to write. Afraid that she is a fraud and no artist at all, Tessa wallows in self-pity until her best friend comes up with a solution: what if Tessa could live like the heroine of her books? What if all Tessa needs is a little bit of romance in her own life? Luckily, Tessa already knows the perfect hero fo