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This Golden Flame / Emily Victoria / Book Review

This Golden Flame Blurb Karis needs to find her brother. They've been separated ever since they were caught living on the streets by the Scribes. Karis was taken to the Scriptorium, dressed as an acolyte, trained to do their bidding. But Matthias was too much trouble, and she hasn't seen him since. The Scriptorium might be obsessed with the dead automatons littered throughout the country--their magic lost since the Lapse that destroyed the Scriptorium's power--but Karis couldn't care less about the automatons or the magic runes of the Scribes. She only wants her brother. But then Karis discovers something that shouldn't exist: an automaton who is still alive and who looks, surprisingly, human. And when Karis unwittingly awakens him, she finds that Alix might just be the key to all of her problems: able to break the locks that keep her bound to the Scriptorium, able to break into the record hall that tells her where her brother was sent. But Alix isn't just good

Lakesedge / Lyndall Clipstone / Book Review

Lakesedge Blurb Violeta Graceling knows monsters are real, and she knows her brother isn't one. Discovered on the side of the road as children, shadows have plagued the Graceling siblings for a long time--especially little Arien. Their foster mother believes these shadows to be the Lord Under's work, a touch of the devil himself. But the young Lord Sylvanan, a monster in his own right, sees things differently. When Lord Sylvanan decides to take Arien to his manor--the very manor where he murdered all of his family--Violeta knows she can't stay behind. She has always protected her little brother. She certainly won't stop protecting him now.    

Aetherbound / E.K. Johnston / Book Review

Aetherbound Blurb Pendt Harland knows the cost of survival. She knows that she costs too much. In the depths of space, everyone aboard the Harland plays a crucial role. Everyone except for Pendt. Her mother and her aunt have star-sense, a special connection to the aether that allows them to navigate through deep space. Her cousins can sense electricity, an ability that allows them to keep the engines fine-tuned even so far into space. But Pendt was born with gene-sense, the ability to manipulate genetics, and onboard, her gift isn't worth the extra calories it would cost to use. She knows her time aboard the Harland is limited. She knows as soon as she reaches eighteen--the international space age of majority--she will be contracted out to do hard labor in the asteroid mines. She knows that, but she's got other plans. 

Eyes of the Forest / April Henry / Book Review

Eyes of the Forest Blurb The world is not-so-patiently awaiting R.M. Haldon's next book. The final installment in an epic, Game-of-Thrones-style fantasy series, fans are chomping at the bit, waiting to get their hands on the next piece. Seventeen-year-old Bridget is no different, though she might be more empathetic than most fans. That's one of the reasons she was hired as Haldon's research assistant, after all. It might have been years since he produced a book, but Bob Haldon has had a lot on his plate. Or at least, he has a terrible case of writer's block. But Bob has a plan to get writing again, to force the words to come. It's a last-ditch effort, a move of desperation, and when that plan goes horribly awry, Bob Halton finds himself in danger--and at the mercy of rabid fans. An infamous recluse, nobody recognizes that Bob's in trouble--nobody except for his attentive research assistant. Nobody will believe Bridget's fears, convinced she's just anothe