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I'll Be Waiting For You / Mariko Turk / Book Review

I'LL BE WAITING FOR YOU Natalie and Imogen are wildly different--and inseparable. Best friends and perfect complements, Imogen and Natalie are each other's everything, held together by big dreams and a love of the supernatural. But when Imogen passes suddenly from an undiagnosed heart condition, Natalie finds herself suddenly left behind. Facing a senior year--and the rest of her life--without her best friend, Natalie doesn't know what might happen next. But the first step might be facing the place they vacationed together every summer, the famously haunted Harlow Hotel. Natalie doesn't believe in ghosts like Imogen did, but that doesn't mean she can't fake it for the audition tape she plans to make. Who needs college when you can be hunting ghosts on TV, right? But when strange coincidences start happening all around the Harlow, Natalie wonders if there just might be something that lingers after a person passes on af

The Revenant Games / Margie Fuston / Book Review

THE REVENANT GAMES Bly has felt trapped in this town all her life--and not just because the humans here are, for all intents and purposes, caught between the viciously anti-human vampire and witch kingdoms on either side. Bly wants to leave, and she's willing to risk her life for it--something the neighbors just don't understand. But Bly's risk-taking doesn't just leave her own life at stake. When Bly's poor choices causes her sister's untimely death, Bly can only blame herself. But she's not willing to let her sister--her family--suffer for her bad choices. The witches and the vampires have an uneasy truce: only human blood is free game. Except for the two weeks a year when the truce gets set aside for the Revenant Games. Any human can play, capturing witches or vampires for their respective sponsors. And whoever brings back the best catch wins a prize like no other: a chance for immortality on the vampires'

Flawless Girls / Anna-Marie McLemore / Book Review

FLAWLESS GIRLS Everyone knows that Alarie girls are the best of the best: the most refined, the most elegant, the most polished women to enter society. And that refinement is something that the Soler sisters, with their new money and brazen attitudes, just don't have. So when they're offered a place at the Alarie House, how can they turn it down? But younger sister Isla only spends one day beneath the roof of the Alarie House before she flees back home again. Her older sister Renata stays. When Renata returns home months later, graduated and fully polished, Isla knows something is wrong. Polite, refined, and aloof, Renata isn't who she was before. When Renata disappears into the night, Isla knows she'll only find her sister again if she finds out what happened to her, why she changed. And that means returning to the Alarie House to finish what she started. THOUGHTS

Promchanted / Morgan Matson / Book Review

PROMCHANTED Stella Griffin doesn't believe in fairy tales. She used to, but that was before her boyfriend dumped her just weeks before prom. If their love story didn't work out, well, love can't be as real as all the stories promised. Stella still has big prom plans, of course. Boyfriend or no boyfriend, she and her best friend Nisha are pre-promming at Disneyland. Stella might not believe in fairy tales anymore, but she does feel like a fairytale princess wearing her prom dress at the Happiest Place on Earth. If only Reece, the sole witness to Stella's worst moment ever, hadn't decided to tag along... When Stella and Reece get separated from the group, they find themselves in Sleeping Beauty's castle looking for his phone. (Because of course Reece lost his phone.) And when they push through a hidden door into what should be the rest of the park, Stella and Reece find themselves, somehow, not in Anaheim anymore. They