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The Poison Season / Mara Rutherford / Book Review

On a cold and savage mountain in the middle of a poison lake sits an island. Leelo has never been off this island. Not only is the lake too dangerous to approach, even when it freezes over in winter, but Endla is her home. The outside world is dangerous, savage, willing to kill without question--especially kill someone like Leelo, with the magic she carries in her voice. To let outsiders in would be to forfeit her entire community. So when Leelo sees an outsider about to be swallowed by the lake, she knows what she must do: let him drown. If by some miracle he were to make it to the shore of Endla, it would be her duty to kill him. Leelo knows what she should do, but when it comes to the killing blow, she can't do it. Jaren didn't mean to cross the lake. He was being chased. The boat was just convenient. He's not from the village. He doesn't know the stories about Endla and its ruthless inhabitants. But even he realizes something is off when Leelo hides him, betraying h

No Accident / Laura Bates / Book Review

One second, they were a championship team on the flight home from their victory tour. The next, seven survivors find themselves washed up on a deserted island, no way to get home. No signal. No supplies. No hope. Being popular in high school doesn't get you far when survival's on the line. The elements aren't the only thing putting these teens at risk, either. When strange accidents start happening shortly after their arrival on the island, cheerleader Hayley realizes somebody here has a secret... a potentially deadly one. Nobody wants to talk about the last party of the tour, the party Hayley skipped, but something happened there. Something that means they might not make it off this island alive. If the island itself doesn't kill them... one of their teammates might. 

Never Ever Getting Back Together / Sophie Gonzales / Book Review

When Maya learns her ex-boyfriend Jordy has been invited onto a brand new reality dating show, her first thought is, Of course . Younger brother to a princess-by-marriage, Jordy has enjoyed the spotlight in the two years since they broke up--even though he doesn't deserve it.  When Maya learns Jordy wants her to be one of the contestants on Second-Chance Romance, her first thought is, Definitely not . He cheated on her, after all, and somehow convinced the world it was her fault. But the more she thinks about it, the more Maya sees that this might be the opportunity she's been looking for. Where better to tell the world the truth about Jordy than international television? But there's one problem: Skye Kaplan has been invited to compete, too. Skye, the girl Jordy chose instead of Maya. Skye, the girl Jordy dated for two months while he was still with Maya. And the producers want Maya and Skye to share a room... just for the fun of it. 

Lumara / Melissa Landers / Book Review

Chronically-ill Talia swore off Mystics a year ago, when a conman stole her money in the guise of "healing" her with magic. She's made it her mission to expose them for what they are: frauds and tricksters, out to steal from those who are desperate. So it comes as a real shock for Talia to find out that her boyfriend Nathaniel is a Mystic himself. And not just a Mystic--the heir to a whole magic society on an island sequestered off the coast. And Nathaniel wants Talia to come home for fall break to meet his family and attend the biggest Mystic wedding of the season. Against her better judgment, Talia agrees. But as soon as Talia and Nathaniel arrive on Lumara, things start to go awry. Beautiful, enchanting, utterly magical, Lumara might seem otherwordly, but when the entire wedding party collapses in the middle of the vows, fingers start pointing... right to outsider Talia. With an entire magic island turned against her, Talia will have to do what she can to prove her inn

Come Out, Come Out, Whatever You Are / Kathryn Foxfield / Book Review

The Umber Gorge caverns might be dark and dangerous--and particularly unstable--but none of that scares Lex Hazleton. She's here for the prize money, after all. All she has to do is spend the night in the caves without bailing, and she'll get a share of the money. And if she can scare off all her fellow contestants on It's Behind You? Well, that's just more money for her, right? But a night spent in a haunted cave doesn't sound bad from the outside. From the inside, it's a different story, and as the production crew ramps up the scares, these contestants start to think it's not just them (and Cameraman Carl) in these haunted caverns... And there might not be  way out after all.