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The Drowned Woods / Emily Lloyd-Jones / Book Review

When Mer escaped the King's court and her role as the King's water diviner, she knew she would always be living on the run. Fugitive and criminal, there was no other choice. So when the King's Spymaster shows up in her most recent place of employment, Mer knows it's time to flee once again. But Renfrew hasn't come to collect her for the King. He's come with a job instead. Mer put her life of crime behind her when she left the court, but Renfrew promises more than she ever dreamed. He promises a life where she can set down roots. A life without the King. Of course, for a job like this, only the best crew will do.  

Lord of the Fly Fest / Goldy Moldavsky / Book Review

The others swarmed to Fly Fest for the promised models, music, and paradise villas. Rafi came for one reason alone: River Stone. More specifically, an exclusive chance to interview River about his missing girlfriend--the sob story that launched his music career--for her podcast, Musical Mysteries. But when Rafi and the boatload of wannabe influencers arrive on the private island hosting Fly Fest, they find... nothing. If there ever was a Fly Fest, it isn't here now. No musicians, no celebrities. No shelter. And the boats that brought them have left, not to return for another week. The others might just be lamenting the lack of Internet, but Rafi knows they have bigger fish to fry--quite literally. And she knows the type of people she's stuck on this island, including one River Stone. 

Beating Heart Baby / Lio Min / Book Review

The last place Santi expects to feel at home is his new school's marching band. But the Sunshowers are more than just music geeks. They're a family, and they're fiercely protective of all their members, whatever shape or sexual identity they might come with. Santi finds himself welcomed with open arms by everyone. Everyone but Suwa. Suwa is a musical prodigy and not just where marching band is concerned. He's got his eyes set on a music career, and he knows he's destined for the big leagues. But Suwa's past haunts him more than he's willing to show.  When shared interests and painful past memories bring these boys together, they start a tentative friendship that morphs into something more. But when Suwa's musical talent sets him centerstage, they'll both have to come to terms with what haunts them--including how they haunt each other. 

Don't Go to Sleep / Bryce Moore / Book Review

Seven years ago, the Axeman broke into her family's store, attacked her parents, and left them all for dead. Gianna Crutti and her parents survived, barely, but she was plagued with dreams after, dreams of the killer... In years since, those nightmares have faded. Until now. When Gia wakes up in the middle of the night with splattering, dark images in her mind, she knows the Axeman of New Orleans is back. And this time, with the help of her friend Enzo, she plans to stop the Axeman before he can come back to finish the job.