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Missing Clarissa / Ripley Jones / Book Review

  Summer 1999: one recent high school graduate, cheerleader and golden girl Clarissa Campbell goes missing, never to be seen again. Twenty years later, two high school juniors take on the case. Best friends Blair and Cameron need a focus for their journalism project, and there's nothing people like talking about more than a missing white girl... or a dead one. Cameron is sure this subject will be a hit, especially when their podcast goes live. But even small towns can hold big secrets, and digging into the past--the jock boyfriend, the charismatic art teacher, the potential stalker--may not be the best move. Clarissa Campbell is long gone, but not everyone has moved on from this story. 

Hunterland / Dana Claire / Book Review

Falkville Falls High is like every other small town high school: insular, full of cliques, and plagued by a string of teacher suicides. Actually, that last one isn't quite so typical. When these so-called suicides catch the attention of the Hunterland community, they send a local unit out to investigate. Enter Liam Hunter. Liam Hunter has been keeping vampires, ghosts, and wicked witches at bay since he was old enough to talk, but he's never been on a job quite like this one. Especially because local sheriff's daughter Olivia Davis keeps getting in his way--and on his nerves. Liam deals with monsters, not people. But Olivia has always protected her family, her father and her younger sister both. She might not know as much as Liam does--like about the existence of monsters, for example--but that won't stop her from doing whatever she can to keep her little family unit safe, even against a world she doesn't understand. 

Live Your Best Lie / Jessie Weaver / Book Review

Instagram influencer Summer Cartwright has it all: millions of followers, the best boyfriend, the greatest friend group, and even an upcoming book deal. Nothing can bring her down. Until, of course, she is found dead at her own Halloween party. Summer's charmed life shattered, fingers start pointing to those closest to her. Especially when a scheduled post goes up on her Instagram calling her best friends out. The rumors start flying. Was it Laney, Summer's ex-roommate, closed off and sullen? Or Cora, Summer's biggest fan... and potential stalker? Her ex Adam is a good bet, because it's always the boyfriend, right? Or maybe Grace, Summer's best friend... who recently had a falling out with the social media star. Nobody looks good in this limelight. 

Lola at Last / J.C. Peterson / Book Review

Lola Barnes is ready to get her old life back. Newly returned from boarding school--where she was sent because of an Incident, capital "I"--she wants her old friends, her old relationships, and her old hobbies all right back where they were when she left. But her twin sister has moved on to new friends. Her best friends are less than welcoming. And her old boyfriend (the only person she does not  want back in her life) is as present as ever. Plus, burning down her brother's boat for some attention never sets a girl's summer off on the right foot. In order to avoid jail time for light (very light) arson, Lola is given an option: the "transformative" summer program Hike Like a Girl. Which is definitely not a part of Lola's plan, but she doesn't really have a choice, right? And when everyone around her expects her to fail, shouldn't she at least try to rise to the challenge?