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The Q / Amy Tintera / Book Review

For Maisie Rojas, one of the first kids born in the quarantine zone, life in the Q is all she's ever known. High-security perimeter walls to keep them in, artificial organs to keep them alive, and enemy territories vying for control of the supplies sent in by the outside sympathizers have been Maisie's entire life. For Lennon Pierce, however, all of this is new. Son of a U.S. Senator in the running president, he was bound to be kidnapped eventually. He just didn't expect to find himself in a plane heading into the restricted airspace over the Q. And he really didn't expect to be pushed out of that plane with only a parachute.  Given an experimental vaccine against the virus, Lennon is safe from infection... for now. But he has only days to get out of the Q safely, or he risks being barred from his home country forever. With unrest growing in the factions of the Q, getting to the gate is more difficult than ever, even with an expert like Maisie to guide Lennon there. And

Friends Like These / Jennifer Lynn Alvarez / Book Review

Nobody would miss Tegan Sheffield's annual end-of-summer party. It's the last big bash before senior year, after all. Jessica might not want to go--why would she, when her boyfriend Jake used to date Tegan?--but everyone will be there. It's a must. But then there's a video prank. Then there's a fight. Then the police get involved. When a body washes up on the shore in the days after the party, Jessica and Jake find themselves suddenly the center of attention. Have Crystal Cove's cutest couple become Crystal Cove's... killer couple? Jake doesn't remember, and Jessica doesn't want to find out. But it's a race against the clock as more evidence turns up... and more suspects start surfacing. 

Drizzle, Dreams, and Lovestruck Things / Maya Prasad / Book Review

The four Singh sisters are as different as could be.  Nidhi is always in control. As the eldest, she has to be. But that doesn't stop her from having big plans--plans that include summer in Paris with her boyfriend. Even if the relationship has started to feel stale.  Avani is caught up in a go, go, go world of busywork, which isn't helped by her scatterbrained nature. She just wants her family to take her seriously. It would help if she could remember all the tasks she's supposed to do.  Sirisha might be painfully quiet, but she still deserves love. Even if that means breaking out of her shell. And learning how to take a chance on the cute new girl in town. Rani is a hopeless romantic, waiting for her Destiny to walk in the door. But definitely not the cute boy from last summer who ghosted her. She's got higher standards than that.

At Midnight / Dahlia Adler, Editor / Book Review

A man-eating tiger on the loose, a deadly prophecy between sisters, a wily Coyote on a quest, a heist and a hijabi...  Fifteen familiar fairy tales are woven anew in this anthology. The same old tropes and characters are transformed for the contemporary age, reaching back in time and far into our spacefaring future. From murderous  Emperors to social media magnates, this collection mingles magic with the mundane... and a fair bit of gore as well, as all good fairy tales do.