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It's Only a Game / Kelsea Yu / Book Review

IT'S ONLY A GAME Marina Chan has a secret: "Marina Chan" isn't her name at all. Marina Chan isn't real, and the real girl she left behind when she ran away from her old life is better left in the past. Marina's been careful to keep any hints of that girl from slipping through the cracks. That's why she doesn't have any friends. Except for her online gaming teammates, that is. But it's not like they've ever met in person. Until this weekend. Marina knows meeting up is a risk, but it's a risk she's willing to take. Being on the run is kind of lonely. Plus, it's not like she can turn down an exclusive behind-the-scenes tour of her favorite gaming studio, even if that means risking her old identity slipping through. But the tour of the studio goes awry when the head of the company--and the creator of their favorite game--is murdered, leaving Marina and her teammates the only witnesses. Whoeve

Sleep Like Death / Kalynn Bayron / Book Review

SLEEP LIKE DEATH Eve has trained all her life to take down the Knight. Crackling with dark and violent magic, Eve knows this is the task she was born to do. She has to avenge her mother, whose desperate wish the Knight twisted. Just like he twists all the wishes of those who dare to seek him. Only the desperate--and foolish--would seek out the Knight. An ancient evil wandering the countryside as long as anyone can remember, any wish he grants gets twisted into a dark curse instead. All across the land, families bear the scars he leaves behind. So when Eve gets wind that the Knight and his corrupt bargains have made their way back into her borders, she knows it's time to act. But even though Eve has been training all her life, her mother, Queen Regina, doesn't want her to go. And when Queen Regina starts acting strangely, Eve knows that the Knight's dark tendrils have stretched farther than even she could have guessed.

The Color of a Lie / Kim Johnson / Book Review

THE COLOR OF A LIE That's the thing about being in your own skin: nothing else fits the same. Calvin knows how to pass as White. He's done it before to snag food from diners where he and his friends weren't allowed. But moving to a Whites Only suburb is an entirely different ballgame. Moving here wasn't exactly Calvin's choice. It was his dad's decision, in response to... what happened back home in the city. And hiding your true identity, Calvin quickly learns, is exhausting. Nobody can know him, not the real Calvin, and everyone who gets close feels like a threat. He can only guess what they'd do if they found out. As much as his father would like him to embrace their new white lifestyle and move on, Calvin can't deny who he is. And there's trouble brewing already. When Calvin catches wind of a school integration movement taking root just under the noses of town leadership, he can't help but get involved... eve

Moonstorm / Yoon Ha Lee / Book Review

MOONSTORM Hwa Young wasn't always an imperial student. Once, she had a different name, a different family--a different way of life. But ten years ago, imperial forces destroyed the rebel clanner moon where she grew up. She's been hiding her true identity ever since. Living under the Empress's rule isn't as bad as the Hwa Young was led to believe as a child. Here, she is safe. She's had a chance at education, at hopes and dreams and aspirations. And here, she lives under the promise given to her when she was pulled from the debris field of her former home: the Empress cares for all of her children. Hwa Young doesn't doubt that. But when a clanner attack leaves Hwa Young and her imperial classmates planetless, Hwa Young finds herself thrust into a military life earlier than she planned (earlier, too, than she thought possible). And as much as she's ready to take up her position in the Empress's military, she'