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Murder for the Modern Girl / Kendall Kulper / Book Review

Who can track down a mindreading murderess? Only a shapeshifting mortician turned detective.  Ruby Newhouse is the daughter of the state's attorney, and she knows all too well how many bad men have gone free--especially when the only voices speaking against them are women and children. Ruby plans to change that, but it will be awhile until she can make it into law school and, eventually, stand in court herself. Until then, she's got another solution: vigilante work. Ruby isn't afraid to get her hands a little dirty--well, not too dirty. She prefers poison to knifework. And she only takes out those who are past the point of forgiveness. She's very selective, and she always gets it right: that's the benefit of being a mind-reader, after all.  Ruby's gotten away with her bloody undercover life for years, but that might all change. There's a new mortician in town--well, a shapeshifter who wants  to be a mortician, anyway--and he's got keener eyes than anyone

The Drowning Summer / Christine Lynn Herman / Book Review

THE DROWNING SUMMER Nobody talks about the Drowning Summer, especially not Mina and Evelyn. That was the summer three teenagers were found murdered, sand dollars placed over their eyes in a ritual display. That was the summer Evelyn's dad was brought in for questioning. That was the summer Mina fell sick after a midnight deal with a ghost that never should have happened. That was the summer a sand dollar appeared on Mina's wrist, and she swore she had summoned the ghost all alone. She swore she would never do it again. Mina and Evelyn haven't spoken since. But the spirits of the Drowning Summer are growing restless. Their voices are louder than ever before, and even if her mom doesn't want Mina to become a full medium, the family business needs her. When Mina steps into the surf for her first summoning, however, the sand dollar from six years ago appears on her wrist once again--right at the moment Evelyn summons a spirit he

Scout's Honor / Lily Anderson / Book Review

SCOUT'S HONOR The Mission of Ladybird Scouts is to promote peace, prudence, and public good. For Prudence Perry, being a legacy Ladybird Scout was a point of pride. Born into a family of monster hunters sworn to protect humanity from interdimensional emotion-eating grubs, being a Ladybird was her destiny. Masquerading as friendly neighborhood girl scouts, bake sales and tea parties included, the Ladybirds were her whole life. Until her best friend, a fellow Ladybird, died on a hunt. That was when Prudence quit the Ladybirds. She's been trying to forget--the blood, the death, the multidimensional monsters that still pop into her life--for the past three years, without success. hat's what the Tea of Forgetting is for, and she doesn't have access to it--plus, her mom won't let her throw away her legacy. But when a night-out-gone-wrong results in Prudence being pulled back into the Ladybirds for one last summer, this time as a Scout trainer,

The Silent Unseen / Amanda McCrina / Book Review

THE SILENT UNSEEN Poland, summer 1944: Maria has finally escaped after years of hard labor in a Nazi camp. Those years changed her, and they changed her home, too. Nothing is as she left it. Her parents have been killed in the fight between the Polish resistance and the Ukrainian nationalists. Her home has been burned to the ground. Her brother is gone, and she knows he must be dead, too... Until she finds out he's not. Tomek is now the leader of the local resistance, fighting a war that seems like it will never end. He's not just fighting for Poland, either. He's backed by Western nations, a special operative known as the "Silent Unseen." He'll do anything to bring his people the peace they deserve. And then there's Kostya. Kostya is just running for his life, a nationalist deserter. His only hope is to make it back to his mother and sister before the Ukranian nationalists punish them on his behalf. He doesn

Belle Morte / Bella Higgin / Book Review

BELLE MORTE Ever since the first vampire stepped into the spotlight, people can't get enough. Paparazzi flock to the glamorous immortals. Everyone wants an invitation to a vampire gala. And donors beg to be let into the five great vampire houses to give their own blood to the beasts. June Mayfield was one of them--one of the few donors, that is, to be let into the house of Belle Morte. But that was months ago. The donors can't leave the house while they're serving, but they can still write. June did write, at first, but it's been months since Renie heard anything from her sister. In her heart, Renie knows something is desperately wrong. The only solution? Sign up to be a donor herself and enter the dark and mysterious world of Belle Morte--a world she might not escape, alive. THOUGHTS My expectations for Wattpad publications aren't high, and so I w