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Blade of Secrets / Tricia Levenseller / Book Review

BLADE OF SECRETS Ziva prefers metal to people. She is renowned in the land for the blades she makes, blades infused with the magic her mother passed on to her. More and more strangers from across the land come in search of Ziva's blades, but her young sister and business partner Temra keeps them at a distance--which is a good thing. Ziva can't breathe when strangers are around. When a warlord comes seeking out her services, however, Ziva can barely refuse--and she doesn't really want to. She will get the bounty of a lifetime for the blade she makes, and she puts all of her energy into one final creation: a blade that steals the victim's secrets. When Ziva learns that the warlord plans to use this blade to make a country of slaves, however, Ziva steals the sword. Along with her sister, a mercenary, and a traveling scholar, she flees for her life, the fate of the country in the balance. PROS

She's Too Pretty to Burn / Wendy Heard / Book Review

SHE'S TOO PRETTY TO BURN Veronica is bored. High school parties, high school drama: it's beneath her. Nothing is interesting--until she spots Mick. Mick is the most beautiful girl Veronica has ever seen. Tan, athletic: the only problem is Mick is photo shy, and for photographer Veronica, that is a problem indeed. Veronica needs Mick's picture, and she gets it: a candid shot on a moving train right after their first kiss. Veronica promises Mick the photo won't go anywhere, but Veronica shares it anyway. When the photograph goes viral, Mick and Veronica are thrust into a world of high art and exhibitions. For Veronica, the backstage scene of artists and installations is old news, but for Mick, it is brand new. Mick just wants to survive high school. Mick doesn't want fame. She doesn't want her photo all over the internet. But when Mick's mother kicks her out of the house, she dives fully into the world that will wel

Firekeeper's Daughter / Angeline Boulley / Book Review

FIREKEEPER'S DAUGHTER Daunis Fontaine is caught between two worlds: the Zhaaganaash world of her mother and GrandMary and the Anishinaabe world of her Firekeeper father. She dreams of college, where she can do more than straddle a line--where she can marry her maternal quest for higher education and her paternal knowledge of traditional medicine. But before Daunis can leave home, family tragedy strikes. To support her mother, Daunis suspends her studies and remains caught between two worlds. At least she has the chance to meet Jaime, the new superstar recruit of her brother's hockey team. Daunis and Jaime hit it off, but she senses that he's hiding something from her--from everyone. Before Daunis can figure out what he's holding back, she witnesses a shocking murder that completely upsets her world and thrusts her into a new reality, a reality in which the FBI needs her help. Drawing on her knowledge of chemistry and traditi

The Secret Recipe for Moving On / Karen Bischer / Book Review

THE SECRET RECIPE FOR MOVING ON When Ellie signed up for home economics, she had everything: the perfect boyfriend, the perfect friend group, and the perfect path through senior year. She was set to coast until graduation and then off to bigger better things. She thought she'd be learning to bake alongside her boyfriend and his friends. She thought she wouldn't be a virgin anymore. But when Hunter dumps her over the summer for his childhood best friend Brynn, everything changes for Ellie. No longer a part of the cool kids group, Ellie has no friends, not in class and not at school. She ends up paired with the misfits and slackers instead: the biker, the loner, the stoner. Worse, she has to watch Hunter and Brynn bake and flirt each and every day. Ellie prepares for this class--and this year--to be utterly painful, but she realizes she may have misjudged friends old and new. Suddenly, the misfits don't feel so strange anymore...