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The Lake House / Sarah Beth Durst / Book Review

The last thing Claire wants to do this summer is attend summer camp. A summer camp at a remote Lake House in a remote national forest is worse. It might be touted as an "enrichment" experience where "lifelong" friends are made, but Claire knows that won't happen, not for her. Not when she can barely keep her anxiety under control in a regular setting. The best she can do is keep her head down and survive--and tune out all the ways her brain says this summer could go horribly, horribly wrong. Except maybe Claire should have listened to her anxiety for once. Because when she and two other girls get dropped off at the dock a day after camp begins, they find no friendly camp director waiting to meet them. Instead, the Lake House has burned down. The boat that dropped them off has already left, stranding them far from civilization. And if surviving wasn't difficult enough, the girls start to suspect that they're not alone. 

Court of the Undying Seasons / A.M. Strickland / Book Review

The last thing Fin wants is to live among the vampires. But she would rather it be her than Silvea, the girl she secretly loves. So Fin does what she must at the annual Finding: she volunteers to go in Silvea's place.  Life at Castle Courtsheart is hard and cold, meant to mold the strong into vampires. The weak, those who don't pass the vampiric tests at the end of their first year, will be relegated to thrall servants when their year of training is done. That, Fin is sure, is a fate worse than death. Becoming a vampire is no better, not for someone like Fin who wants to see them all destroyed. But the vampires themselves are the only ones who know how to kill a vampire. If Fin is leaving this world, she wants to take as many vampires with her... even if that means staying alive at Courtsheart longer than she would like. But there's more happening here than even Fin could imagine. And when the first of her human "classmates" falls victim, Fin knows something sinis

The Cherished / Patricia Ward / Book Review

Jo never expects anything from her father's family. Especially not being included in her estranged grandmother's will. So when a letter arrives telling Jo that she's not just been included but inherited her grandmother's whole estate, nobody is as shocked as her.  The house and the land isn't all that Jo has inherited. There are tenants as well, and her grandmother has left her quite a few mysteriously cryptic instructions. Jo's mom wants to sell off the whole thing and forget about it, but Jo... Jo wants to at least see the property first. Arriving at the old farmhouse only makes everything weirder. The tenants are strange--strangely creepy. The house feels unsafe, full of twisted iron and stale food. And the locked homestead out back feels... wrong. And if the letter Jo received is true, Jo has no choice but to stay. 

Made of Stars / Jenna Voris / Book Review

Shane and Ava have this down to a science. She charms the mark. He steals the cargo. They make a swift getaway. They get everything they need. They are everything they need. Until Shane gets caught. Ava can get him out. That's no problem. But breaking him out gets more eyes on their dynamic duo than ever before. Petty criminals like them don't make intergalactic news, but a high security prison break does. Which is how they land on Cyrus's radar. Newly graduated from the flight academy, Cyrus has a bright and shiny career laid out before him. Until he gets tangled up in a heist-gone-right. Now Cyrus has his eyes set on bringing this Bonnie-and-Clyde duo to justice... and some revenge would also be nice. But Ava and Shane have stumbled onto something far bigger than themselves. It's not just their necks on the line. Their entire planet is at risk, and criminals though they might be, Shane and Ava are willing to put everything on the line to save the people they love.