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The Ballad of Dinah Caldwell / Kate Brauning / Book Review

The Ballad of Dinah Caldwell Blurb Gabriel Gates killed her family. Now she'll kill him.  The Caldwell family is just one of many under the thumb of local kingpin Gabriel Gates. Dinah and her brother Warren know their family is in debt. They've known it ever since Gates repossessed their father's mechanic shop years ago, prompting their father to leave them behind for better prospects. Things aren't better now, and the Caldwells in possession of something much more valuable than a shop--something that Gates wants. The Caldwell family has a freshwater well, one of the few water sources left in the county. And Gabriel Gates wants it, no matter the cost. When he decides to force their hand, Dinah and her brother run, leaving their mother behind. But Warren has asthma. He can't run for his life, even as bullets rip through the Ozark woods. He just. Can't. Breathe. Suddenly, Dinah's alone. And unlike the rest of the county, Dinah doesn't owe Gabriel Gates any

All of Us Villains / Amanda Foody & Christine Lynn Herman / Book Review

All of Us Villains Blurb The sky's gone red over Ilvernath. The Blood Moon has come again. Ilvernath is the last place left where high magick still exists, a long-forgotten well of magick protected by Ilvernath's seven great families. And every generation, the magick comes available again, ready for the next family to claim. Each family names a champion, someone to fight to the death for the right to control this high magick until the next Blood Moon falls. It is time once again to bring the champions forth. But this year is different. Something has changed. For generations, the high magick of Ilvernath has been a close-guarded secret, kept from the rest of the world by these seven warring families, but a scandalous book has brought scrutiny to Ilvernath now. This book has exposed everything: the secrets, the magick, the brutal championship. And this year's competition looks different: no longer completed in bloody secret, just a brutal duty to uphold. Gawkers have come. Pa

The Devil Makes Three / Tori Bovalino / Book Review

The Devil Makes Three Blurb When Falk Prep School students Tess and Eliot find a secret crypt below their school's library, they have to investigate. And when they find a creepy book in the crypt, of course they have to read the Latin inscription in it. And when they accidentally release a demon from his book prison, they know they've made a mistake. The demon starts killing, and the blood won't stop flowing until he gets a new servant out of the deal. But Tess and Eliot are stronger than they look, even if they don't quite like working together. As their family, friends, and very lives are threatened, they are forced to work together to find a way to imprison the demon once again. Homework and music practice isn't so bad anymore.

Crossbones / Kimberly Vale / Book Review

Crossbones Blurb Csilla is the youngest pirate captain in Cerulia, the fierce leader of the Scarlet Maidens. Kane is a bad luck charm, and neither his crew nor his own successes can convince him otherwise. Lorelei is just a girl trapped on land, longing for the sea. But when the Pirate King dies, everything changes for all three. Every notorious pirate captain is called to Cerulia, for the King of Bones died without an heir. This is Csilla's chance to prove herself, though she is young, worthy enough to be queen. This is Kane's chance to prove himself lucky enough to be king. And this is Lorelei's chance to finally get in on the action--not that she has much choice. She's not a pirate captain, after all. She shouldn't be there at all. But when a vicious pirate comes calling at her seaside abode, Lorelei watches from a hiding spot as he slays her mother, and when her mother's blood hits the ground, voices rise up, voices telling her of a destiny unlike anything t