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Princess of Souls / Alexandra Christo / Book Review

Selestra Somniatis is trapped. For sixteen years, she has never left the confines of the palace  she calls home. Heir to the great Somniatis Witch--the last witch in the country, thanks to her family--the king won't let her leave. To let Selestra leave is to let his power--and his immortal future--fade. Tied by a blood oath to steal souls for the King of the Seven Isles, Selestra knows her future. Year after year, desperate people arrive for the Festival of Predications. Year after year, Selestra watches her mother predict their fates. Three times they must evade death to earn an impossible wish. Most of them do not succeed, and their souls come to rest at the king's immortal feet. Someday, Selestra will stand in her mother's place. A revered soldier in the king's army, Nox Laederic doesn't fit the usual desperate profile of those seeking a festival wish. And he has no plans to have his soul eaten by his king. No, he's out for blood. He's out for a chance t

The Luminaries / Susan Dennard / Book Review

When the evening fog rolls in, the monsters awaken.  Only the Luminaries keep the nightmares contained.  Winnie Wednesday wants nothing more than to join the Luminaries, an ancient order designed to protect humanity from the monsters of the night. Like her mother and her mother's mother before her, Winnie has a destiny. But that's easier said than done. Ever since her father was discovered to be a witch, Winnie's family has lived in shame--banished from all Luminary activities even if they still call Hemlock Falls home. But Winnie has a plan to change that. She's read the Handbook. She knows the rules. All Luminary children have the chance to prove themselves when they turn sixteen. The hunt is dangerous, sure, and even more so for a girl who hasn't been allowed to train with her cohort for the last four years. But it's her only way back into the fold. It is her destiny. She has to try. Or die trying. A very real possibility. When her hunt goes awry and Winnie l

Pretty Dead Queens / Alexa Donne / Book Review

On the surface, Seaview is a sleepy little town. Its only claim to fame is renowned author Maura Weston, queen of murder--and seventeen-year-old Cecelia Ellis's grandmother.  After Cecelia loses her mom to cancer, she goes to live with her estranged grandmother in an old Victorian mansion in the hills just outside Seaview, and she prepares herself for all the intimacies (and mundanities) of small town California life.  But Seaview isn't just Maura Weston's hometown. It launched her career when Seaview High's homecoming queen was murdered on the night of the dance--the perfect fodder for Maura Weston's debut novel.  Decades later, a new homecoming queen meets her death in the exact same way. With a copycat killer on the loose, Cecilia isn't just one to sit by and let the (incompetent) small-town cops do their jobs. She's the granddaughter of a famous murder mystery writer, after all. If she can't crack the case, who will? But the more she digs into Seavie

The Epic Story of Every Living Thing / Deb Caletti / Book Review

Harper Proulx doesn't know who she is, not really. With an anonymous sperm donor for a father, she's always felt she was missing some important half of herself, some information she needs to know to make herself whole. Harper loves her mother, loves her boyfriend, loves her life. But that doesn't answer all the questions she has about herself. But then a chance Instagram encounter leads Harper to one half-sibling, and this half-sibling leads her to many, many more. Together, they hunt down the pieces left behind. They find their father, a professional deep sea diver named Beau Zane living in Hawai'i.  Fresh off a painful breakup and looking to escape home for a bit, Harper agrees to travel to Hawai'i with her newfound siblings. She wants to meet the man who's responsible for half of her (at least genetically). But Beau Zane, a man obsessed with an old ship wreckage, only brings up more questions once Harper meets him. Who is he, really? And who is she?