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The Sacrifice / Rin Chupeco / Book Review

A cursed island, a slumbering god, an ancient prophecy: Kisapmata is every Hollywood director's dream. And that's what's happening now as Alon Budhi watches--Hollywood, descending on the island Alon has always watched over. Hollywood has big plans: a documentary, a ghost hunting special revolving around the island. They want Alon to be their guide--no one else is willing to so much as set foot on the island. But Alon knows more than these foreign invaders. The curse is real, the God is present, and the ancient prophecy calls for blood, foreign or local. Alon has always protected others from the island, but not everyone is willing to listen to a dire warning--not before it's too late. 

I'm the Girl / Courtney Summers / Book Review

Ge orgia made a mistake. She knows that as soon as the pictures come back: smooth, bare, beautiful. And way too expensive, even if the man she met at the mall can make her a model like he promised. Not that he's promising that anymore, after she shelled out her brother's money for the photographs. No, Georgia made a mistake, but she knows how to fix it: Aspera. Aspera is a different world, nothing like the poverty Georgia has known all her life. Aspera is where her mother worked before she died. Aspera, that resort for the world's elite up in the mountains, will surely let Georgia have a job. But on her way to Aspera, Georgia finds something she wasn't meant to: the dead body of thirteen-year-old Ashley James. The investigation--and her new employment at Aspera--throws Georgia into a world she never expected, and there are more players--and more villains--at play than she ever would have guessed. 

The 99 Boyfriends of Micah Summers / Adam Sass / Book Review

Micah Summers: the boy with 99 boyfriends. Or, well, with 99 ex -boyfriends. Potential ex-boyfriends.  Crushes. Micah's real problem is that, as abundant as his crushes are, he's never had a successful relationship. In fact, he's never even successfully asked a boy out. All he has is InstaLoves, the Instagram account where he posts fantasy sketches of the boys who have captured his heart. Maybe someday, he keeps telling himself, he'll work up the nerve to ask one of them out. And with 99 crushes behind him, Micah knows that Boy 100 has to be special. Not just some random crush from class or the mall or the subway.  Someone real. And that's when Micah meets Grant. Yeah, sure, Grant is a train crush, but they hit it off. Micah even, almost, gets the chance to ask Grant out. But when a rushed departure means they get separated without exchanging contact info, Micah vows to find Grant--to find Boy 100--again. 

Shades of Rust and Ruin / A.G. Howard / Book Review

Halloween stole her mother and father. Halloween stole her sister. She won't let Halloween steal her uncle, too. Phoenix Loring might be battling survivor's guilt, but she's certain of one thing: her family is under a Halloween curse. She and her uncle might be next, if they're not careful. The Halloween season has always been difficult for Nix, but when she loses her ability to see color in the weeks leading up to the holiday, she knows her depression is worse than ever. Unable to find solace in the cyberpunk world of goblins and faeries in the graphic novel she's been writing since her sister died, Nix is at her wits end. But then Nix sees something that couldn't possibly exist: one of her creations come to life. When her uncle goes missing shortly afterward, Nix knows the Halloween curse has come back once again--but this time, she'll stop it. Hot on her uncle's trail, Nix discovers there's more to her curse--and to her artwork--than she ever imag

The Sunbearer Trials / Aiden Thomas / Book Review

Teo has been looking forward to this decade's Sunbearer Trials for, well, a decade. Not that he will be chosen to compete--he's just a Jade semidios, not a more powerful Gold. No, Teo wants the chance to travel, to see new places and try new foods as he watches the competitors fight for the right to keep Sol's light alive for the next ten years.  But when it comes time for Sol to choose their champions, the best of the best Golds are chosen... and Teo is, too. Son of Quetzal, goddess of birds, Teo isn't super strong and powerful like his competitors, and if he ends up in last place, it's not just his honor at stake. His very life is in the balance, because Sol needs a sacrifice to keep the people safe. A blood sacrifice.