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An Improbable Season / Rosalyn Eves / Book Review

Thalia, Kalliope, and Charis have big plans for their debut Season in London--plans that don't necessarily involve finding a husband. Thalia has heard all about the literary salons of London, and that's where she wants to be: among the intelligentsia, reading and publishing her own poetry. Kalliope might have a husband and family as her end goal, but she won't be settling for the first beau to offer. She wants to take the Ton by storm, gowns and parties and dancing and all. And Charis has her eyes set on the scientific world, even if that world isn't quite ready to embrace her.  But when Kalli finds herself embroiled in scandal, her perfect Season--and perfect future--are called into question. Thalia finds herself ensnared by a charming rake with more than her poetry on his mind. And Charis might not care for the social elite, but even one blunder can hurt her cause. Nobody will make it through this Season unscathed. 

The Witch and the Vampire / Francesca Flores / Book Review

All of Ava's hopes rest in the trees. For two years, she has been locked in her tower bedroom, held captive by her mother. She can see the town below, full of people who don't miss her, and the forest beyond--the forest where the vampire queen resides. The forest where her freedom is, should she ever escape her mother's captivity. It has been two years since her mother turned her: two years of drinking stolen blood while her mother siphon's her witch magic away. But Ava has a plan. Two years ago, Ava and Kaye were best friends. But then a group of vampires broke free of the forest, wreaking havoc on the town. Ava disappeared that night, the same night that Kaye's mother died in the attack. Nobody knows where Ava went except for Kaye. Because Kaye has seen her. Kaye knows that Ava never left at all. Ava is at home where she has always been, and she's a vampire. An enemy right under their noses. An enemy that Kaye has sworn to eradicate, upon her mother's soul

The Jump / Brittney Morris / Book Review

The Order is offering power. Power is exactly what Team Jericho needs. Team Jericho is a cut above the rest of their competition. How could they not be, with an elite crew like theirs? Perpetually in first on their cryptology forum, the challenges are fun but not, exactly, challenging. Until a new force enters the chat with a cryptic new puzzle--and a cryptic new prize as well. With "power" on the line, whatever that might mean, how can Yas, Han, Jax, and Spider say no? Especially with an oil refinery knocking on their doors (metaphorically, anyway), threatening to upend their lives and their neighborhoods as they know it. These kids are willing to do whatever it takes to keep their community intact. And if a series of complex puzzles will lead them to victory, so be it. 

Delicious Monsters / Liselle Sambury / Book Review

The house: everything comes back to the house. That was all Daisy heard about growing up--her uncle's mansion, the one her mother was set to inherit one day. The one her mother has inherited. The house is their ticket to freedom--away from the bustle of Toronto, the (literal) ghosts that plague Daisy, and the poverty of single motherhood. The house is their way out. For Daisy, who sees dead people, a secluded mansion far from the nearest inhabited town seems like paradise. Except the house isn't what she thought.  A decade later, Brittney is desperate to escape her abusive mother's shadow. Her mother might claim to have seen the light after her stay at the "Miracle Mansion" (and the bestselling tell-all memoir about that experience that launched her career shortly afterward), but Brittney knows that's a lie. When Brittney gets the chance to explore the same "Miracle Mansion" herself as part of her popular Haunted web series, she jumps on it. Where be

The Renaissance of Gwen Hathaway / Ashley Schumacher / Book Review

 Ever since she lost her mother, Madeline has kept meticulous notes of her life. She doesn't want to miss anything--not her father doing leatherwork, her best friend FaceTime session, or any of the everyday annoyances of working the Renaissance Faire circuit. That's why this summer is so important: it's a summer for noticing. Madeline doesn't want to forget any part of this summer, especially since they'll be back at the last faire her mom ever worked. Madeline is ready for a summer of contemplation, of remembering. Not a summer of change. But Arthur throws a wrench in her plans. Not only has the faire itself changed thanks to the new, wealthy owners who bought the ground--and just so happen to be Arthur's dads. Arthur isn't content just to let Madeline wallow in her note-taking. He recruits her to be Princess of the Faire instead, if a rather reluctant one. And the worst part is, she might just, kind of, be having fun...