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A Ruinous Fate / Kaylie Smith / Book Review

Calliope Rosewood is a witch hounded by bad luck. Which is how she finds herself in the basement of a seedy tavern, her Fate on the line in a high-stakes game of cards. When she gets caught cheating (and who can blame her, with the Witch's dice staring up at her?), she has to run for her life. Three unlucky Rolls away from becoming the last Blood Warrior and jumpstarting a major Witch war, Calla knows nothing good can come of sticking around town when she's been caught. But a girl can't run forever. When a betrayal by her ex leaves her one step closer to her Fate, Calla decides she'll do anything to wipe her slate clean... even if that means entering a cursed forest to find someone powerful enough to reset her destiny. Even if that means traveling with her traitorous ex and his equally handsome brother. Even if that means growing closer to the very Fate she's trying to dodge. 

Always the Almost / Edward Underhill / Book Review

  Miles Jacobson wants two things: 1) to finally win the regional classical piano competition and 2) to win back his ex-boyfriend, star football player Shane. But neither of these goals are as easy as they sound. Sure, Miles has placed high in the regionals every year before, but he has a new teacher this time... and she's pretty intense. He's not sure he'll make it to regionals in one piece, let alone ready to blow everyone else out of the water. And when it comes to Shane, well... Shane broke up with Miles just weeks after Miles came out as trans, and if that isn't a hurdle in a relationship, nothing is. Plus, there's a new boy in town, a queer artist from Seattle named Eric. And Eric is interested in Miles as a person... and maybe as something more. But Miles can't afford distractions, not even handsome and funny ones. Not when he's got goals to achieve. 

Breakup From Hell / Ann Davila Cardinal / Book Review

  Mika is ready to get out of this town. Small town life, familiar faces and familiar places, just isn't for her. Sure, her friends want her to stay, and her Abuela won't even let her consider leaving. But that hasn't stopped Mika from applying to college in California.  So when another boring Sunday sermon leads to a run-in with a new boy in town, of course Mika is interested. And he's interested back. Plus they share the same interest in horror novels. So what if Abuela doesn't approve? But when strange things start happening when Mika is with Sam--and then even when she isn't with him--Mika starts to think that Sam isn't quite who he says he is. This isn't any old high school relationship. It's something straight out of the horror novels they both love... something devilish.

Best and Worst of 2022

  Best                      First Place:             The Girl Who Fell Beneath the Sea           Axie Oh                                         ⭐ ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ ⭐ In this Korean myth fantasy, Mina might not be the meekest, sweetest, prettiest girl to become the Sea God's bride, but that doesn't stop her from throwing herself into the sea in order to barter with the God himself. An ethereal spirit world with a dark undercurrent, Axie Oh's prose is evocative and pristinely beautiful with a protagonist who takes charge. Though the true danger of this world might feel malleable and elusive, this short and sweet myth retelling is worth every lyrical word.  Runner-Up:          Katzenjammer                                                      Francesca Zappia                                         ⭐ ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ ⭐ In this contemporary body horror, High School won't let Cat or her classmates go, and these halls are not safe as everybody twists into something dark, deadl