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Lie Until It's True / Jessie Weaver / Book Review

LIE UNTIL IT'S TRUE Amanda Pruitt's sister wasn't guilty, and Amanda feels pretty bad about that. She's the one who turned over the "evidence" to the police, after all. With a need to redeem herself, Amanda can't wait to escape her family (and the press constantly dogging them) and return an old retreat, the historic Summit Hotel in Colorado--somewhere Amanda hasn't been since her sister's trial began years ago. But things have changed at the Summit since she left it. Amanda's summertime friends have grown older, and her life isn't the only one to have been rocked by a bit of murder. Just last winter, billionaire Royden Das was shot and killed at the Summit--and Amanda's old friends were all implicated in the murder. The mother of one of her best friends is behind bars, awaiting her own murder trial now. Amanda isn't jumping to conclusions this time, though. And none of them believe that

Off With Their Heads / Zoe Hana Mikuta / Book Review

OFF WITH THEIR HEADS Once upon a time, there were three witches growing up in a remote ward right on the edge of Wonderland. But grief brought a ravenous Saint to their doorstep and severed their trio forever. With a death trace marring the two surviving souls, these witches are cast into Wonderland, to pay their debts or die in the process. Nobody returns from Wonderland whole. It's been five years since Caro Rabbit and Iccadora Sickle were cast into Wonderland. It's been four years since they broke each other's hearts. Now Caro works for the Red Queen, bringing her the heads of the Saints she craves and ignoring the twisted experiments the Queen conducts in living flesh deep below the palace. And Icca, well, Icca has never forgotten what Caro did--and what the Red Queen did, either. And with both Caro and the Queen so close, Icca knows there's no time like the present to pay the palace a visit.

The Worst Perfect Moment / Shivaun Plozza / Book Review

THE WORST PERFECT MOMENT What if you never meant enough to anyone to be missed forever? This is what scares you the most about being dead, because you think your value is determined by the size of the hole you left behind. Tegan Masters is dead. She's sixteen, she's dead, and she's stuck in the Marybelle Motor Lodge — AKA the worst motel in all of New Jersey and the site of her worst memory ever. At the front desk, Tegan meets Zelda, a teenage angel — wings and all — ready to welcome her to the afterlife. AKA the Marybelle Motor Lodge. AKA what Zelda has determined to be the happiest moment in Tegan's life. Tegan knows this is a mistake. There's no way what led up to the Marybelle — and what happened while she was there — is the happiest memory she has. But Zelda won't listen to Tegan's concerns. When Tegan lodges a complaint with Zelda's higher-ups, she accidentally kicks off a whole investigation — an investigation through

The Word / Mary G. Thompson / Book Review

THE WORD Lisa has been on the run for a decade, ever since she slipped out her bedroom window and ran to her father's waiting car. Lisa is a dutiful daughter who listens to and obeys her father. Her mother can't ever know where she's gone, no matter what the courts might have decided about custody. Her mother can't know, because her mother is dead. According to the Word, at least. But the American police catch up with everybody eventually. When the cops come and arrest her father, Lisa knows what to do. She's prepared for this Trial her whole life. She has to bow her head, obey the law, and return to her mother to bide her time until she can be liberated again. There's a plan. Everything will be set right eventually. But even though Lisa knows that her mother is Dead, that this life is sinful and wrong, it actually... doesn't seem as bad as she thought it would be. And the risk, escaping to her father, living on t

The One That Got Away With Murder / Trish Lundy / Book Review

THE ONE THAT GOT AWAY WITH MURDER The Crestmont brothers have something of a reputation, but new girl in town Lauren doesn't know that. Robbie Crestmont was only supposed to be a fling, a distraction, a way to escape the drudgery of this new small town life--and escape what she and her mom left behind them when they fled the coast. But you can't escape the kind of reputation the Crestmont brothers have for long--a killer reputation. All of Happy Valley knows what really happened to their two dearly-departed ex-girlfriends, after all. But wealth and influence have a way of making these things disappear. But Lauren herself isn't as innocent as Happy Valley might assume. She meant to come here for a fresh start, and getting involved with a killer boyfriend really hasn't done her any favors. Especially not when she stumbles on some concrete evidence of Robbie's crime, the kind of evidence that even money can't gloss over-