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A writer, a world-traveler, and a YA-literature lover: call me Eluned. 

What I Do

Let this blog serve as your gateway into the world of young adult books.

The world is full of (some may say over-saturated with) "young adult" books. YA is a big market and rightfully so. Spanning fun to serious, fantastical to dreadfully realistic, YA books hold appeal for readers of all ages, not just the "young adults" to which these books are marketed. Unfortunately, not every book that makes it to the market is worthy of the honor, and that's where I come in. I read garbage so you don't have to! 

(And hopefully I'll find some gems along the way.)


The reviews I post here are purely my own opinion. I review books based purely on their own pages, not on the merit of the author, editor, publisher, et cetera. I do not mean to cast any judgment on the authors or the publishers involved in the titles I review. Writing, editing, and producing is difficult work, and whenever a book comes to fruition, it should be celebrated. 

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