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The Mirror Season / Anna-Marie McLemore / Book Review

THE MIRROR SEASON Everything changed for Ciela the night of the party. Instead of driving home with her best friend talking and laughing about cute boys and the end of the school year, Ciela found herself fleeing the ER, leaving the cute boy behind. She lost something that night--a lot of things--and she can't admit to herself what happened to her, what happened to the boy she left at the ER. She doesn't even know his name. Ciela tries to block everything out, to forget and move on, but the world won't let her. She can no longer guess the perfect pan dulce for the patrons of her family's store--a gift for guessing passed down by her great-grandmother. She can no longer wear red lipstick. Most frightening of all, she can no longer trust the world around her as it slowly turns to piercing glass, ready to shatter at her touch. Ciela resigns herself to this cold, lonely existence until that boy from the party shows up at her scho

The Infinity Courts / Akemi Dawn Bowman / Book Review

THE INFINITY COURTS Nami has her whole life in front of her: graduation, college, a potential romance with her best friend Finn... But on the way to her high school graduation party, the worst happens: Nami dies. When she awakes, Nami finds herself in a shiny new world. Infinity is full of glittering fountains and pills that take all the pain of the past life away. But something about this world doesn't seem quite right, and Nami soon discovers she is right to doubt. Infinity has been hacked by a viral consciousness--Ophelia, the ever-present AI assistant back in the world of the living. Ophelia has set herself up as queen and built a kingdom full of viruses, all looking to exterminate human life. Nami gets swept up in a revolution, a little band of human survivors looking to overthrow Queen Ophelia and take back what should have always been theirs: Infinity. Nami falls unwillingly into their plan, but she isn't sure she can help tak

Amelia Unabridged / Ashley Schumacher / Book Review

AMELIA UNABRIDGED The Orman Chronicles are everything to Amelia. They're the books that brought her and her best friend together. They're the books that allowed Amelia to escape from her life when her father left. They're the books that mean the most to her, and so when Amelia and Jenna get the chance to attend a book festival where the famously-reclusive author of Orman, N.E. Endsley, will be speaking, they jump at the chance. On the day of the festival, however, Jenna gets a chance to meet N.E. Endsley, and Amelia doesn't. The two best friends fight like they never have before. Before Amelia gets a chance to mend this relationship, Jenna is killed in a freak car accident, and suddenly, Amelia's whole future is thrown out of focus. Jenna had a plan, and without Jenna, Amelia doesn't know what to do. When a rare and mysterious edition of Orman arrives for Amelia, she is convinced that this book was somehow sent from J

The Summer of Lost Letters / Hannah Reynolds / Book Review

THE SUMMER OF LOST LETERS When Abby Schoenberg opens a box of her late O'ma's belongings, she doesn't expect to find a collection of decades-old love letters. These letters chronical a teenage romance between her grandmother and a mysterious "Edward" on the picturesque island of Nantucket. Abby doesn't know much about her O'ma, who was tight-lipped even before she went into a nursing home. All she knows is that O'ma came to the United States as a little girl fleeing the Holocaust. She was the only survivor in her family. Recently dumped by her boyfriend and facing a summer without her friends in town, Abby decides this is her chance to dig into some family history and figure out who she is and where she came from. She sets off for a summer on Nantucket, letters in hand, to put together her grandmother's story in any way that she can. PROS Literary Allusions

The Gilded Ones / Namina Forna / Book Review

THE GILDED ONES Sixteen-year-old Deka lives in nervous anticipation of the upcoming Ritual of Purity, which will prove once and for all that she belongs. Already different from her friends and neighbors due to the dark skin she inherited from her mother, Deka prays that her blood will run red when the time comes--and that she will finally be able to assume her place in village life. On the day of the Ritual, however, the gathered crowds watch as Deka's blood runs gold--the color of impurity, the color of demons. Deka is taken into custody and threatened with death until a mysterious woman arrives bearing an invitation from the emperor himself. The emperor is building a new alaki regiment--a regiment of girls of impure blood. The alaki are stronger, faster, more impervious to damage, and they are exactly the weapons needed in the on-going war against the monstrous deathshrieks that plague the land. Deka is taken to the South where she joi